Top 5 Free DVD Burning Software

No matter whether you plan on making backup copies of your DVD collection or want to preserve your homemade videos and photos, DVD burning software can be incredibly convenient. While even paid versions of these programs are relatively inexpensive, it’s hard to justify the cost when the everyday user will probably only use the program once or twice per year. Thankfully, there are many high quality, free programs available that perform just as well as their paid counterparts.

1. ImgBurn

Img Burn Free Burning SoftwareImgBurn is easily considered one of the best DVD burning software programs for Windows (Sorry no MAC support!), and supports all versions of the operating system. ImgBurn features several modes with each one suited for a particular task.

  • Read
  • Write
  • Build
  • Discovery
  • Verify

Read and Write are self-explanatory. The Build mode allows you to create an image by compiling files on your hard drive or network. Verify checks to make sure that a disc is readable and Discovery checks the quality of the burns.

While ImgBurn is simple and straightforward, it outperforms many other free programs available. ImgBurn is my go to burning software for anything I need completed. It will rip a disc to an iso that gives you the ability to burn multip copies if needed. Or you can use the ISO as a backup that sites on your hard drive for later. I usually use ImgBurn to keep backups of my children’s Disney movies that they seem to scratch on a regular basis. Below is a great tutorial that will get you started. If you want to learn more about this software check out.

2. BurnAware Free

Burnaware Free Burning SoftwareBurnAware Free is lightweight and quick. Not only can it burn DVDs, it can also create Blu-Ray discs and CDs as well. BurnAware’s user-friendly interface makes the burning process simple and easy. Burning times may vary, but most DVDs can be created in 45 minutes or less.

3. CDBurnerXP

CDBurnerXP allows you to create DVDs, CDs, HD-DVDs and Blu-Ray DVDs with a few simple clicks. Users also have the option to create ISOs and can burn double-layer mediums as well. Unlike other free programs, CDBurnerXP allows you to span your data over multiple discs. As an added bonus, the program supports multiple languages.

4. InfraRecorder

InfraRecorder is a free DVD burning software program designed for the Windows platform. With this program, you have the option to create physical discs, or disc images. It also supports dual layer DVDs and can erase discs with ease. InfraRecorder is easy to use and supports multiple formats.

5. Ashampoo Burning Studio

ashampoo_interfaceAshampoo Burning Studio allows users to create Blu-Ray discs, CDs and DVDs with ease. Archives can automatically be split across multiple discs, and the built-in Audio CD ripper allows you to store audio tracks in WAV and WMA formats. Once the burning process is complete, discs can be verified to ensure that the burn was a success. Ashampoo can also erase discs to wipe out unwanted data. The ability to create project files and burn the same disc multiple times makes Ashampoo Burning Studio a convenient solution for your DVD burning needs.

2014’s Best DVD Burning Software

When it comes to DVD burning software, not all programs are created equal. Conversion speed, quality and decryption are of the utmost importance. To take the guesswork out of the process, we’ve created a list of the 5 best DVD burning software programs on the market based on performance and price.

1. DVD Cloner

Free Burning SoftwareDVD Cloner is easily the best DVD burning software on the market today. With lightning fast copy speeds (approximately 30 minutes) and advanced decryption, DVD Cloner can easily create 1:1 perfect copies of any DVD you want.

One of the best features of DVD Cloner is the ability to cut out unwanted material. DVDs tend to come with a hefty amount of extras that take up a lot of space.

DVD Cloner also allows you to preview the finished product before burning it. While previewing, you have the option to change the compression level to your liking.

Not only does DVD Cloner automatically recognize the disc type, the program also intuitively selects the appropriate burn settings to match the disc type. The program’s advanced decryption technology allows you to bypass even the latest DVD protections, which means you can make copies of brand new DVDs with ease.

As if all of these features weren’t enticing enough, the program also offers:

  • Multiple output formats, including PAL, NTSC and AVI
  • The ability to restore defective and scratched DVDs
  • Merging
  • The capability to remove region codes

2. 1Click DVD Copy

1Click DVD Copy may come with a higher price tag than its competitors, but it is still one of the best DVD burning software programs around. In fact, it offers many of the same great features that DVD Cloner offers, including:

  • Quick copy time of 20 minutes
  • The ability to omit and include bonus material and scenes
  • Compression of DVD-9 to DVD-5
  • NTSC and PAL support

The biggest gripe with this program is that it does not offer CSS Decryption. However, it does use CPRx technology to help copy protected DVDs. As an added bonus, the program is user-friendly and makes the burning process as simple and straightforward as possible.

1Click DVD Copy automatically detects the disc type and chooses the most appropriate settings based on that type. It also allows for dual-layer discs to be copied onto a single layer disc with ease.

3. SlySoft CloneDVD

Burning SoftwareSlySoft CloneDVD is easy to use and a great program for making high quality DVD backups. It offers a number of great features to customize your DVD copies and make the burning process as simple as possible.

  • Omit or include bonus features
  • Menu support
  • Episodic support
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Removes region codes

Although this program can easily get the job done, it does lack in a few areas. For starters, it does not feature CSS decryption. This means that you will need to download a third party extension to remove the encryption from protected DVDs. The program also lacks in the converting department. Users do not have the ability to convert the DVD to mobile-friendly formats, which can be disappointing for users who prefer to watch movies on their mobile devices.

However, if you are only looking for a simple program to create backups of your DVDs, SlySoft CloneDVD is an excellent choice. It creates quality copies and allows you to include all bonus materials and menus in your copies.

4. DVDFab

dvdfab_interfaceAlthough copy time is a bit slower than its competitors, DVDFab creates stunning 1:1 DVD copies. Without losing quality, the program allows you to create DVD-9 to DVD-5 copies while also preserving the DVD’s menus. This makes copying episodic DVDs a breeze.

DVDFab’s “Merge” feature also allows you to combine multiple titles on one disc or create a compilation of your own home movies.

The one disadvantage of DVDFab is that it does not support multiple formats, like Blu-Ray or mobile phone formats. There’s also no option to create a CD-R either.

Aside from this, DVDFab is easily a contender for the best DVD burning software. With CSS decryption and the ability to create 1:1 copies, this is a hard program to pass up.

5. Aviosoft Clone DVD

Aviosoft Clone DVD is a solid choice for users who are looking for versatility. One of the program’s key features is its ability to convert to several different formats, including MP4 and AVI. Clone DVD will also remove all copy protection from a DVD, so you can copy new movies quickly and painlessly.

With the ability to remove region codes, menus and bonus material, Clone DVD gives you the freedom to create your copies any way you choose. If you do decide to include the bonus material, you have the option to burn it to a separate disc.

Although its feature list is quite impressive, Clone DVD does lack in the performance department. Many users find that their copied DVDs are visibly degraded. Yet still, the burning process itself is smooth and issues with the program freezing or crashing while burning are non-existent.

All in all, Aviosoft Clone DVD is a great choice for DVD burning software, and if you’re looking for a program that supports mobile device formats, this is one of the best programs available.